Oh Hey, Ashley here..

Your personal movement expert.

Looking to create or join a program that's accessible and designed to help you overcome chronic symptoms?

Let 's get real...

You want to enjoy daily activities without being limited by your chronic pain and fatigue...

You know you need to be active to maintain your health, but exercise seems to to trigger your symptoms..

You want to get back to hiking, weight lifting, traveling or your favorite sport without being limited by pain or injury..

You've been struggling to find a program created for:










It's time to be seen and heard. Your struggle with movement is unique, and your road to recovery should be accessible and effective long term. I will stop at nothing to create the best alternative movement program out there for you. 

  • Chronic Pain

  • Arthritis

  • Osteoporosis

  • Scoliosis

  • Nerve Compression

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Lymphedema

My 1-1 program is the right move (pun intended) if you want:


More activity with less discomfort

A holistic approach to therapeutic movement

Personal guidance to ensure safe and practical exercise

The confidence to carry healthy movement habits into your daily activities & recreation


Open for enrollment

This innovative program is a 90 day dose of movement medicine that will create freedom from your limitations in daily activities and beyond

I want to remind everyone moving into th

Custom Curriculum

 Accessible Exercises

What''s inside

Weekly Private Instruction

Virtual Content & Daily Support

In person or Zoom

Life changing results

20 private lessons at home or in my private studio

Continuous support through my private membership portal which includes:


Flexible scheduling

Track your progress

Open chat with me for Q&A

Movement reminders & motivation

Custom downloadable  e-book 

Better functional movement and posture

Boost energy, improve balance, mobility & strength

"Snack size" yoga classes to keep you moving between lessons

Put a stop to movement triggers that lead to pain and inflammation

Self directed restorative pain relief techniques 

Happy to be in their bodies

My clients share their journey...

Ashley - Modified Movement - 2020-99.jpg

"Modified Movement is a miracle worker - I've gone from a pain level of 10 in my right foot to a 5 in the last 4 sessions of this focus - $$ well spent imo. I love how I feel after my sessions - twice a week - do you have chronic pain? Sick of feeling “off”? Ashley is amazing!"

Ashley - Modified Movement - 2020-21.jpg

Accessible variations

Props for support

1-1 Guidance


Joint mobility

Aligning the body

Joint stability

& balance

By working together, we find the very best ways to create a foundation for healthy movement. This looks different for everyone since our bodies all have their individual quirks. Combining the therapeutic benefits of yoga and a more corrective approach to modern exercise allows us to locate and recover the areas in the body needing TLC. My unique approach helps to introduce proper function to improve your daily activities, reduce chronic discomfort and maintain an active lifestyle. 

A Foundation for Healthy Movement