Are you ready to get on the path back to your favorite activities?

Let Ashley help you create a personalized path to better movement

Ashley is the owner/operator of Modified Movement. A corrective exercise, therapeutic yoga hybrid designed to help adults who have experienced acute or nagging chronic injuries that are holding them back from their favorite activities. 

After spending time working in Virginia Piper Cancer Center's radiation therapy office she became aware of the struggle for cancer patients to manage their symptoms.


Knowing she could help more clients with a hands-on approach, Ashley enrolled in the Scottsdale Community College's specialized yoga program for 2 years to receive her Hatha yoga certification.


She has since learned how to properly rehabilitate patients after injury or surgery and preventing reinjury based on her education through college and her continuous study of movement therapeutics.

Over the last 5 years, Ashley has developed her 1 - 1 in-home program for active adults who want to get back to their favorite activities or cancer patients who need relief.


Ashley’s client’s daily activities delivered to them for their personal program through Ashley’s easy-to-access patient portal.


Daily activities supplement the corrective exercises and restorative techniques Ashley uses with you in person, in-home 2 to 3 times a week.


“~There is always a way to find movement relieving, it's just a matter of getting to know your body and having someone support you along the way~”

Most clients spend 6 - 9 months with Ashley.

  • First learning how and why their injuries have occurred.

  • Next, she guides you to reprogram your muscles and joints through a specific set of sequenced movements. Movements that Ashley has created specifically for you and your condition.


As clients learn how to treat and fix the source of their injury they begin to experience a rapid reduction in daily pain, an increase in pain-free nights, and less dependence on pain management medications.

Can you imagine waking up and getting out of bed without pain, or even confidently riding in a car without fear of pain upon arrival?!

Would you like to work with a professional who knows which exercises are safe for you and your body?

For many patients, after injury and or treatment their doctor will recommend that they start off with something like yoga.

What they don't tell you is, what kind of yoga, where to go, who knows enough to keep you safe, who CARES enough to keep you safe while you complete your journey of healing? 

Ashley does!


Her primary goal is to help you build back both strength and confidence in your body while reducing pain and fatigue. This Is the kind of therapy your doctor had in mind when she recommended you try yoga.

" You can always find relief within movement. The struggle is learning to listen to your body, that is why you need a guide. "

Do therapeutic yoga and corrective exercise seem too good to be true? Try this activity for yourself and see just how quickly you can feel a difference.

Try this Free Stable & Balanced. This sequence is the top 5 poses designed to promote better stability and balance throughout your entire body.

Let me know how you liked it after, click the button to email me directly! 

Sometimes the hardest part of the journey is stepping out of our comfort zone and into the unknown.

Many people feel yoga isn't a good fit for them because "they aren't flexible enough”.

The good news is the Modified Movement 1 on 1 program uses props, support, modifications, and exercise variations to achieve the most optimal position for your personal healing. Ashley has a keen understanding of how pain and injury impact our daily lives. With her support and guidance, you will be able to move out of pain and back to your favorite activities.

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