Yoga Therapy

I love creating yoga lessons that support and empower you to live pain-free.  

Tired of chronic pain holding you back from living the active lifestyle you want and deserve? You were meant to move! 


This therapeutic approach to yoga has the unique capability to create freedom in movement, build strength and discipline the mind to restore the body.


My yoga lessons are created for you individually putting sole focus on your symptoms and creating goals to alleviate them. Through a custom series of adaptive yoga postures and sequences, you will experience specific benefits that help reduce or manage chronic symptoms.



The private lesson experience

HOW IS PRIVATE YOGA MORE EFFECTIVE? Yoga is a personal journey to wellness and it's important to have consistent guidance and support. It's best when your teacher not only knows the art & science of yoga but also gets to know you and what makes you tick. With that, you can be introduced to yoga in the best way and have a more positive experience in your healing process. You will establish a practice where challenge finds reward and self-doubt finds inner strength. Best of all, we will have a good time doing it! 

"Yoga isn't just 'yoga'. The critical part is getting to a correct position or pose in order to realize the full benefit. Ashley's meticulous instruction on the way your body should be placed in every pose is the key to the benefits of yoga work."

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